Double Wednesday Walnuts – A sweet gift Idea and Ice cream Cone

I was recently contacted by a friend who is currently back in Trinidad during the summer months. He asked if I could create a pink frosted cupcake necklace for his friend with the engravings “A&V!” It seemed like very cute gift idea, and I thought I would share.

I purchased a stamp set for this very reason but I haven’t had time to unveil till now it so I was very excited for the request. Once I have my computer back, I am considering to offer a small service where people can request short messages or initials on items they order. I think these would make very cute gifts and give a personal feel to them. The second walnut is my new ice cream cones! They now come both pink and blue with sprinkles! You can find them here!

One thought on “Double Wednesday Walnuts – A sweet gift Idea and Ice cream Cone

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