Two features and updates on Twine Birds!

I took a small break away from Twine Birds before school started so I could take a breather. Two days of orientation later, I officially started school last Thursday! Judging from the course load, I will have to scale back Twine Birds but I won’t be giving up on it! I plan on blogging once a week (Wednesday), and try to come up with a new product bi-weekly! I have a few blog posts lined up for the next month! I can’t wait!

You can also now find me at (new) offline and online at other locations! The offline location you can find me is at Atomic Cupcakes! Like the name suggests, it is a cupcake shop, located in Hamilton, ON. It is opening soon, so I will be blogging about it next week. The next one is With Heart! It is an online curated shop, with works from various artisans using multiple medias. I’m flattered Lisa asked to have my work in her shop!

Aside from the updates I had two features, and they happened during the time of my “break” so I feel I didn’t give them enough attention so I want to rectify it. The first feature was from the D.A.D project! I meet Serena a few months ago when I was first starting off Twine Birds, I felt very strongly about their cause and I loved their innovative way of bring attention to it, that I ended up donating two pairs of my earrings to them. This time they featured my dog cupcake ears, the feature can be found here!

The second one wasnt’s so much a feature but I guest blogged the Radio Parkdale website where I wrote about my experiences at the Parkdale Bazaar! Mack came up with an adorable name for the title of the blog as I forgot to provide one for him, A (Twine) Birds Eye View of the Bazaar!

Thank you for the picture Jessica!

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