Wednesday Walnut – Photo post & Draw Winners

Since my computer is still out of commission, the computer I’m on doesn’t have Photoshop but I did mange to find which is online photo editor! Pretty handy tool!

My new item is swirly ice cream cones! I had tried to make the scoop one in the past but then Jessica suggested this type instead! Thanks for the idea! You can find a picture inside; tell me what you think!

The winner from the draw of the month of June is Joanna from Rainbow Of Crazy! She paints various animals, birds, etc and sells prints of them on her Etsy shop here! Please visit! One of my favourite prints from her is Rainbow Zebra Finch because as a child I owned four of them. She requested a white and red lollipop with sugar sprinkles!

The winner from the month of July is Janice H. She wanted a pair of my red cupcake with yellow flower with a vanilla base! The cupcakes earrings and other colours like the one below are sold are sold in my Etsy shop here. Congrats to both winners! One more draw to go for the summer!


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