Big on Bloor 2011 Recap

Oh my, what a day! Again, I was lucky enough to have help from both Elissa & Lexy (she was the dancing robot from Paint-A-Thon)! One of the other vendors, Anna from Bebbers, told me about WonderShade Umbrella and I made a last-minute purchase to buy one. I’m very glad I did. It may not have covered as much as a pop up tent would have but it provide the shade we needed. We had to move around a bit to keep under the shade but we managed!

The event was much bigger then I expected and there were a lot of amazing handmade vendors. I had a great time meeting and talking with others as well as reconnect with ones I had already met before! There were all sort of vendors ranging from feathered accessories to buttons! If you would like to see all the vendors, feel free to visit the Big on Bloor Vendor’s page.

One vendor in particular I want to give a shout out too is I Love Puffy Love! She was on the other side of the road from us and when tried some of her marshmallow samples, we were hooked! If you want yummy fluffy marshmallows, look no farther!

The fun started when it rained. I want to give a million thanks to Clean Train Coalition who went beyond neighbourly duties and let me move my table and under their tent as we were getting drenched. We ended up closing up an hour earlier then expected and took the time to walk around a bit. I ended up getting a cat and giraffe glass sculptures from Layton Creations and two soaps, oatmeal and baby power, from Giggle Green!

We ended the night with spudlicious potatoes which were warm and delicious, I think their slogan is on to something, “The best baked potatoes in town.” We had to sit under the Wondershade Umbrella again as it started to rain. If you are going to buy this, make sure you don’t use this in heavy downpour like it suggests as it is not 100% leak proof.

The exciting story of the night was that Lexy accidentally forgot Elissa’s umbrella back at the restaurant where she had gotten her dinner so she ran back in the rain to get it. Thankfully, earlier that day we were all given free Popeye Chicken shirts which give us 10% off. We quickly found new uses for the free shirts, I had used mine in my suitcase because it had gotten wet and Lexy ended up changing out of her wet shirt into hers behind the umbrella and used Elissa’s as a towel. I felt a bit like it was a movie, where the characters are given an item and it snowballs into a key icon item later down the road. That being said, Popeye Chicken, you have good biscuits!

Look, you can see in the mirror the bright sunny day it was! I knew I should have brought the tarp to cover my table, just in case. Plushies and hat are by Lexy, she takes commissions!

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