Monday Memos – July 18 – 31st

I’m condensing these two posts as there weren’t too many things that happened. These will be rather short as my computer is in missing in action and I was feeling ill.

July 18 – 24

  • Prepping and going to Big on Bloor! I’ve written a long recap here so feel free to read it! Thanks for helping me Lexy and Elissa!
  • I contacted and finished the winner from the pervious draw. Joanna wanted a white and red lollipop earrings! You can find a picture below. Visit her Etsy shop here!
July 25 – July 31
  • After being caught under the rain, I didn’t feel very good but I feel much better now.
  • I’ve had a few orders that have been slightly backed up. I finally finished and shipped them up! Pretty happy about that!
  • I accidentally spilled rubbing alcohol on my computer. Bring it to the tech tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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