Badge Factory Instructions

These are not the official instructions of the machine. This is the process in which I made my buttons. You can find a review of the product here.

1. Put all the pieces of the button into the maker. In the tray marked “1”, put the top of the button, the image cut into the correct size and lastly the mylar circle to protect the image

1a. Provided is a plastic template so you can see what the button will look like before you press it

2. In the tray marked ‘2’, put the back of the button facing up

3. To start making the button, push tray 1 into the machine and twist the knob clockwise until the dial lowers to point to ‘1’. This indicates that you have finished step one.

4. Unscrew the knob until it goes back to the starting position.

5. Pull the tray 1 out and tray 2 will snap into the machine. Do the same until the dial reaches the 2.

6. Unscrew the knob and pull the button out

7. Snap in the plastic backing with the safety-pin

Voila, you now have your own 1.25 inch button!


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