Bird Review – Nerunerunerune : Grape [Part 1]

Happy Monday! As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I will start posting on Mondays. Please tell me what you think!

Today I will be reviewing Kracie’s Grape Nerunerunerune. I bought this a few weeks ago at my local supermarket. The store carried grape, soda and “mystery” flavour. Since I never tried nerunerunerune before, I thought I would stick with grape and soda. This review will cover only grape. Next week, I will do a run down of soda.

Nerunerunerune is very simple to make. Based on what I’ve read about it, it is marketed toward children.  There is three steps: pour package 1 into the plastic round bowl and add one “cup” of water; add in package 2 and stir; and lastly, add in the “candy chips” to the other bowl and dip the nerunerunerune into it.

If you have seen or tried any other Kracie’s DYI candy kits, the trays look somewhat similar. I did find this one cuter since one of the bowls is in the shape of the mascot they have on the packaging. The water cup also had a little indent so it is easier to grip. I imagine this was keeping in mind of the target audience since the water cups can be difficult to hold in other kits.

When I first opened package 1 and 2, neither had smells. However, when you add water to the package 1, you can clearly smell artificial grape. Afterwards, you add in package 2 and the candy changes from a dark blue to a light pink/purple colour. It makes swirls as you mix it. It also starts to double in size and turned foamy.

The texture of the nerunerunerune is a bit hard to explain. When eating it, it is very grainy yet feels airy at the same time. The grape flavour is very strong. I wasn’t extremely fond of the taste because it reminded me of cough or fever medication I use to take as a child.

The “candy chips” taste like sugar candy. There are not a lot in the kit, so if you want to get a lot on the nerunerunerune, you need to manually put them on since dipping the candy into the tray isn’t that efficient. I just used my fingers and dropped it on. Remember to give it a quick shake afterwards to dislodge any candies that might fall off later on.

Overall, I would try this kit again but maybe not the grape flavour because I wasn’t a fan of the taste. I did like watching the candy changing colours which is a big reason I would get the kit again. If you want something quick, simple and fun I would recommend this kit.

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