A sweet gift idea story updated!

Back in August, I mentioned how a friend asked me to help make him a gift for his girlfriend. He wanted  a pink frosted cupcake necklace and to have “A&V” engraved into it.

I recently got an update on the story via my Facebook wall so I decided to share:

“Hey…you probably don’t know me but I got to know of you from the most amazing boyfriend in the world and luckily for me the first gift he gave to me was one of your necklaces…when I first saw it I was amazed! You have such talent which produces superb gift ideas. Thank you for making me that beautiful necklace… Best wishes in your future projects… :)” – Aisha S.

I’m so glad you liked it and that you two are still going strong!

I’m will be developing ways to incorporate custom “engravings” into my future items. Hopefully when I re-open my Etsy Shop, this will be an option I will offer!

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