Bird Review – Beard Papa’s & quick giveaway update

Front of shopA month ago Crystal and I visited Pacific Mall and she told me about a cream puff store in the mall. Always up for desserts, we made a quick last-minute decision to visit Beard Papa’s Fresh n’ Natural Cream Puffs. The store is located on the second floor, on the other side of the food court area.

The moving LED light sign stated that they had the “World’s Best Cream Puffs.” The store  had glass panels on the side so you could see the staff make the cream puffs in the kitchen. I tasted the vanilla, green tea and strawberry; the strawberry was their rotating flavour of the day. I also decide to get a Fondant Au Chocolat (a small chocolate cake).

Putting cream puffs into ovenOverall: The cream puffs were fluffy and had a nice texture to them. I really enjoyed the whipped-cream custard filling because they were very light and creamy. While the cream puffs are rather big, even after eating two, I didn’t have that ‘heavy’ feeling I get sometimes when I eat something custard based.

Green tea cream puff – The green tea tasted very much like a typical green tea flavour. If you’ve tried anything green tea, you’ll most likely know the taste. I think the base may have been a mecha tea base.

Putting icing sugar

Vanilla cream puff – The vanilla had a very nice light taste and wasn’t overly sweet.

Strawberry cream puff– I personally think the strawberry tasted the best which is a shame because it s the flavour of the day, hopefully it becomes a permanent flavour.

Fondant Au Chocolat – This was the least impressive out of all of the things I purchased that day. I didn’t find it that good. However, I wonder if warming it up would have been a good idea (like they suggest on their website).

I would definitely recommend Beard Papa’s cream puffs! They were very good and as someone who doesn’t like overly sweet desserts, these were very nice.Open box

Ps. I will be moving the deadline of the one year giveaway to the after June 12, 2012 due to real life commitments. Sorry everyone! Keep entering and best of luck.

2 thoughts on “Bird Review – Beard Papa’s & quick giveaway update

    • I recommend them! We were actually very lucky that day and we got a spot that was a hop, skip and a jump away from the front door. I was joking that we had to take a picture. I think we went before lunch time, so that may have factored in. If you don’t mind a bit of a walk, I find there are always spots close to where the Curry’s is.

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