Temporarily closing Etsy shop and a quick giveaway update!

Sample of earrings!

Before you panic, please read! The closing of the shop will only be temporary. This is not the end of Twine Birds by any means but rather a revival. When I started school in the fall this year, Twine Birds quickly got thrown into the back burner. Over the months, creating new jewellery – the very concept that started this became a difficult task for me to accomplish. I would continually push-off making new/re-stocking items and do reviews in efforts to fill up the weekly blogs.

All one happy family!

Pancake prototypes

However, after hearing all the various suggestions from my one year giveaway, I was very inspired and realized how much I’ve stayed in my comfort zone. I hit a breakthrough with my pancake prototypes. While they are in no way perfect, they did help me revitalize my interested in polymer clay. I’ve gotten lovely feedback on them as well as suggestions on where I can improve which I’ve greatly appreciated.

As of now, I will be entering into a “development” phase. During this time (I haven’t figured out the timeline), I will come up with various new prototypes. These will not be made in large quantities, meaning I can try multiple ideas in short(er) time span.

Since the suggestions from the giveaway were my inspiration, I feel it is only fair to give back to you guys! As I mentioned previously, any creative suggestions may be given something special. I have decided that once the draw is over, I will pick one or two of the most creative ideas and send that person a prototype of their suggestion as a way of thanks. I am very grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement! If you haven’t entered the giveaway, it isn’t too late! Click here and tell your friends and family!

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