Bird Review – Popin’ Cookin’ : Ramen Set

Packaging of Kit

This time I am reviewing Popin’ Cookin’s Ramen & Gyoza Set! These are DIY sets where you are given different powders and a tray to let the candy set. I have already done two other Kracie sets: Popin’ Cookin’ Bento Kit & Happy Kitchen Donut Kit.

When I first opened the package, it seemed very similar to the content inside the Bento Kit. There are two main products to make in this kit, the ramen noodles and two gyozas. Inside the kit is a tray to put the final products and also to mix the ingredients; three packages: soup base, noodle and hardy candies; a fork; a toothpick and a bag used to pipe the ramen.

Content of kit

I started with the ramen noodles. When I first cut open the package for the soup base, I was not expecting it to smell exactly like the additives they give you in real ramen packages so that was a quick turn off for me. I expected it to smell sweet like they had in the other kit where it was strawberries and green apples. That being said, I did have fun making the napolitan in the bento kit so I had fun making ramen as well.

Contents to make gyoza

The gyoza part was also very straight forward. You are given a rectangular chuck of soft soda candy that you cut in half to make the “skin” of the gyoza. I have seen people make them in real life many times but it is a lot harder than it looks! The first one I made was much too square, so I trimmed it slightly. The second one, I tried to use a technique that I had seen where chiefs put extra pressure in the center and pull out. It helped slightly but mine still weren’t perfectly circular. You can see my attempts below. Be mindful of your pressure when you’re folding in the dumplings. Since the ‘skin’ is only soft candy, I ended up losing a lot of the details of the folds. Thankfully the other side looked fine.

Inside of gyoza

I may have taken too long making my items since I was also taking pictures because the ramen started to look a bit soggy by the time I went to taste them. The noodles themselves have no real taste but they may have started to leech from the soup base which was soya sauce flavoured. The ramen had an interesting texture, and I can see it being passed off as real pasta. But, if you like soda candy, you will enjoy the dumplings much more, I thought those were the highlight of the kit.


I tried to have my parents taste both items later and they both refused. I was able to convince my father to eat the dumpling (“EAT IT!!!”) and he thought it tasted good. That being said, I’m not sure if I would buy this again. It was moderately fun to make but I feel like it didn’t taste as good or have as much to do as the Bento kit or Donuts.

Ps. RRCherrypie has also done a run through of this.

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