Twine Birds’ one year anniversary giveaway!

This giveaway is now over! Thanks everyone who entered!

Twine birds is one year old as of yesterday! Thank you for the support everyone. I’ve already talked about how thankful I am here so this entry is solely for one thing: Giveaway information!

In the past I’ve given away custom earrings to draw winners and I’ve always been blown away by the ideas that people bring forward. I thought this time, since it is a special occasion, I would give the winner a chance to either win a custom  matching earring and necklace set or an earring and brooch set. This contest is open worldwide!

How to Enter: 

Comment on this blog entry answering: “What would you like to see in the future for Twine Birds?” The most creative answer will get a prototype of their suggestion! Please remember to provide your email!

How to get additional entries:

A. Subscribe to Twine Birds on any of these social media websites (please comment separately which website and your username as well as your email) :

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B. Share (please comment separately what you shared and your username as well as your email):
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  1. Feel free to advertise this draw to friends and family!
  2. The entries will be collected up to Wednesday, July 11,  2012.
  3. Once the winner is chosen,  I will wait three days for a reply to the confirmation email. Afterwards a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck!

47 thoughts on “Twine Birds’ one year anniversary giveaway!

  1. connie, you are so skilled in making these minitures! i wish you can also explore a range of more floral or even fruit based accessories?

  2. I’ve always loved holdiay-themed and seasonal jewlery (you know, the kind that isn’t ridiculously gawdy). Combining a winter-themed cupcake with a few clay snowflakes would make such a cute necklace!

    • Hello Kelsey, I do have some holiday/seasonal themed jewellery in my etsy shop. Hopefully they aren’t what you would consider “ridiculously gawdy”! I think the snowflake idea is cute! I would love explore that in the future! Thanks for entering. Please consider sharing this with friends and family! :)

  3. your jewelry is so adorable and sweet that it cures my sweet tooth! haha! I’d love to see something shaped more natural/organic, like feathers, leaves, or, what I have personally always wanted, pinecones!!

  4. I absolutely love how small and realistic your creations are! I’d love to see you get more out of your comfort zone and try making non-food related things, but just as small/realistic. What would be a cool idea would be to make miniature scenes, like a little bakery or kitchen. Or moving away from food altogether, intergrating flowers into your jewellery pieces. Or another cool idea would be to make little animal charms, or character chibis.
    Just anything where you try expanding your skills

    • Hello Madeline, thank you for the kind words. I do admit to having a fondess for making foods but you are correct that it would be a good move for me to expand outside of my comfort zone. I will make a note of your suggestions! Thank you for entering and best of luck! :)

  5. Ideas:
    Alphabets (like how people use long balloons and create shapes, such as flowers, dogs, COOKIE MONSTER – if u know what i mean…)
    Hedgehogs, peacock
    if the clay can be made into a feather like really light (i know its weird but just some random ideas :p)
    lip sticks, or high heels would be cute too
    acorn is good too!
    sorryyy if i am like spamming ideas here!

    • Hello Crystal! Thank you for entering as well as all the various ideas! I will definitely consider testing some of these out! Feel free to share this giveaway with friends and family! :)

    • Hello Jennifer, thank you for the suggestion! I never thought of making cupcakes like that before! Also, thanks for following me on various websites. Please remember to post separately for each site you’ve subscribed. This is because I will be using and counting comments to pick a winner. Best of luck!

  6. “What would you like to see in the future for Twine Birds?” -You know my two favorite things are fruit and animals! I’m still hoping to see those awesome watermelon slices someday.

  7. I agree with earlier posts- I love the owl idea and also the natural /organic elements, like leaves, feathers, maybe with some of the bright colours you use on the cupcakes. Could be interesting! Everything looks great so far Connie!

  8. This isn’t very creative.. but I think I’d love to see rather than mainly jewellery more things like keychains/keyrings and phone strap miniatures~

    • Hello Melmee, the reason I shy away from keychains/keyrings/phone straps is because I worry about breakage but that is always something I can see if I can figure out how to overcome! Thank for your suggestions and best of luck.

  9. Connie, congratulations on your anniversary! I would love to see various types of stones/gemstones/semiprecious stones(e.g. marble). Also, I would love to see you making designs on headbands, hair pins, hair barrette. :)

    • Thank you Maria! I love the idea of it on headbands or hair barrettes! I actually wanted to try this out and completely forgot! Thank you for bringing it up. Best of luck!

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  13. I would love to see some pierogi. Though I like that pine cone suggestion, though acorns would also be neat. The nature idea could work out really well.

    • Hello Couch! I never thought about making pierogi before so thank you for the suggestion! I think I definitely like the nature suggestions as well. Best of luck!

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  15. How about acorns or birds?
    BTW – I met you at the Movies & Makers show last December. I remember your fantastically yummy jewellery! thanks for liking me on FB.

    • Hello and thanks for the suggestions. Also, I’m afraid I did not attend Movies & Makers show. But I hope you think my jewellery is still “fantastically yummy!” Thanks for liking me back! Best of luck.

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