Twine Update – Thank you everyone.

Twine Birds is coming up to its first year soon. I tend to see the ‘beginning’ of Twine Birds as April 10, 2011, the day I originally came up with the name. I never expected Twine Birds to expand to what it is today or last as long as it has. My initial intention was to use it as a new username.

However, I was lucky and got my first break early on when I enrolled into The Summer Company Program and was accepted. This helped me to get the initial funding required to purchase the materials and supplies I needed as well as fund any events I would attend over the summer. This shifted Twine Birds from purely a username to a small company. Once the summer was over, I decided that I wanted to continue with what I started.

I don’t regret it; even if it has been a challenge to keep Twine Birds running and enroll in school at the same time. When I first started conceptualizing Twine Birds, I was in a position where everything seemed unsure; academically, personally as well as life in general. I can’t say 100% for certain almost a year later I have it all mapped out but I have an idea where I’d like to be. Sometimes it is easy to look into the future and see a daunting world and forget to look back to see how far we’ve come.

So, thank you everyone. To anyone who acted as a soundboard when I was originally conceptualizing Twine Birds, gave me suggestions or feedback, helped me at my events, visited my booths, supported me and gave Twine Birds a chance by buying products, or even liking or following me on various social networks. Your support and encouragement has meant a lot. My goals for the next year is to come up with better ideas and products! I won’t let you down! Also, there will likely be a draw in April to celebrate Twine Bird’s first year. Stayed tune!



Ps. I thought I would show everyone a picture of my pesky helper, James. As you can see, he is inspecting my cake and checking it for quality control.


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