Bird Review – Visit to Menchie’s!

Our cups of yogurt

I recently saw that my friend, Crystal, posted some pictures after she visited Menchie’s. The concept of the store is make your own frozen yogurt! You get to pick from various flavour and toppings and put it together yourself. I thought her images looked really yummy and she suggested we both go. I think I had a bit too much fun pressing out the yogurt from the machine.

I tried the red velvet cake, cake batter, mocha, mud cake and a bit of vanilla & chocolate. The website shows many other flavours so I assume that the flavours are on some sort of rotation. There was also a large selection of toppings but the ones that stood out to me the most were the mini marshmallows and Nerds! I haven’t had Nerds in years. I really liked biting into them and getting a bit of tangy flavour paired with the sweet yogurt. I think I enjoyed the mocha yogurt flavour the most.

Loyalty card and spoon

However, near the end, my flavours started to melt  into each other so it is hard to tell them all apart. I say that is the perfect excuse to go again and try them! I did find the yogurt to be a bit sweet, but it wasn’t to the point where you felt like you were eating pure sugar. All in all, I had a lot of fun but next time I may get a bit less, I had troubles finishing it all.


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