Friday Favourites: Lovely Strawberry & Tumblr

I have been very lucky and my Strawberry Jam Cookies Earrings have received a lot of love! In the last few weeks, they have been featured in five different Etsy Treasuries which is a record for a Twine Birds item. Thank you again everyone! I was also featured on Lisa Parkin’s Read.Breath.Relax blog entry, A Novel Accessory: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. Below you can find the list of Etsy Treasuries the earrings have been featured in.

In efforts to spread the love, I’ve made my own strawberry treasury titled Lovely Strawberries. You can find it here. I hope you enjoy! I may switch between making more treasuries and making new items. Currently, my school load is very heavy.

Additionally, I’ve been debating about being more active on tumblr. How do you feel if I reposted pictures I have on my blog there? Please tell me what you think! I’ve made a Facebook poll here. Also, if you have tumblr, tell me, and I’ll follow you! I can be found here.

Etsy Treasuries

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