Wednesday Walnut – This is a cake.


This is a strawberry cake.

This week has been very busy for me and a few unexpected things popped up out of nowhere that I had to deal with. I thought I would do a quick blog this time around. Think of this as a teaser!  This entry will be much more picture oriented so please tell me if you like to see more of these type of entries.

These would be similar idea to my original “Wednesday Walnut” which were meant to be quick posts. They would showcase works in progress, or any short little things I may be working on or relate to Twine Birds that is longer than a short twitter post or Facebook status update.

As you can most likely tell because of the unexpected events, I haven’t been able to finish my strawberry cake earrings. All I need to do is finish the icing and put them together. Hopefully by next Wednesday I will be able to have the strawberry cake finished! Wish me luck!

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