Bird Review – Badge Factory Kit (Button Maker)

– Taken By Jen

My friend Jen recently got a job in New York (congratulations!) and she dropped off two crafty things at my house before she left. One of them is the Badge Factory Kit by Fashion Angel (formally known as The Bead Shop). When she first told me about the button maker, I was expecting something that looked something along the lines of this but instead, the button maker looks like a green dragon and little knob in a shape of a fill at the top that you twisted to make the buttons.

There were no instructions in the box as it was previously owned by someone before her. Thankfully, having made multiple buttons for my friend Jin, I managed to make a “successful” button the second try. There are four parts to make the button: a mylar circle, top of the button, back of the button and then a plastic case clipped to a safety-pin. It is actually a fairly easy two-step process. The front of the button maker has a little dial to help keep you in track.

– Taken By Jen

Having used a nice sturdy button maker like the one shown before, the fact that the machine creaks when you make the buttons made me cringe. Every time I turned the knob to make the buttons, it sounded like the machine was under a lot of strain and about to break. Surprisingly, the quality of the buttons are good and seem very sturdy. That being said, while it is a cute gift idea for someone younger, I wouldn’t actually buy this product if I wanted to make something professional or in a large quantities. This seems more like a one time use toy where the child will play with it for a couple of hours, then it gets thrown in the closet.

While the Badge Factory that I own has not broken, it seems like there is a track record for it after reading some reviews off  Amazon, here. Seeing the last review is dated 2007 and searching the Fashion Angel website yielded no results, it may also be discontinued. They seemed to have revamped the product so there is no twisting required. The new product can be found here and here. There seems to be mixed reviews on the “newer” one as well.

I’ve written out the process in how to I made the buttons here. Please note that these are not the official instructions provided by the company.


4 thoughts on “Bird Review – Badge Factory Kit (Button Maker)

  1. Do you know if you can use any kind of button parts(like the pin back part) or does it have to be their own brand/refill kits?

    • Hello Liz, I have to admit I’m not sure where the machine has gone since I wrote this review. However, I have a feeling it does require their own brand of refills. The pin part is not like the normal pins I have seen and was more of a safety pin in a plastic casing. If you want, please tell me and I can see if I can find the machine and take some additional pictures.

      Note: You can see the back of the pins in the first image.

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