Results are in for poll & New Years resolutions!

The next Twine Birds Valentine’s Day items will be Cookies & Cakes! The results can be found here on my Facebook group. While the true winner was the Valentine’s Day Cookies, I figured I would combine the second place tie options cake slice and cinnamon hearts together to make a cute red velvet cream cheese cake with chocolate frosting and use cinnamon hearts to decorate! I haven’t decided which cookies I’ll make exactly but be warned that they most likely will be pink, white and red! The new items will be out by next Monday!

Since the New Years just past, I thought it would be a good idea for me to set a New Years resolution for Twine Birds as well; to help keep me on track! During the first two weeks of opening, I tried to make one new item every other day and continued to make new items over the first few months. Hard work paid off and I was able to finish most of my fall semester  posting and selling items I had made.

However, this up coming year I want to make at least one new item per month! In the past I’ve made holiday items a tiny bit too late in the game and there have been one or two close calls. Thankfully, everything so far as gotten to its destination on time but I would like to change this. This way any new items I make, the buyer will have at least a months notice and plenty of time to have the items shipped to them on time! I have a few new items I want to try out but I’m always up for suggestions!

Happy New years!

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