100 like giveaway winner, features and another giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that the Twine Birds’ Facebook group finally reached 100! Let’s strive for 200! The winner is Maan Jose and she asked for Festive Cupcake Earrings. Congratulations! To those who didn’t win this time, don’t fret! I plan on having more giveaways in the future! If you’re interested in another way to win my earrings keep on reading!

Secondly, I would like to thank Moofestgirl & Talty as well as ByTheBaySoap who have all featured my candy Cane and /or Festive Cupcake Earrings this week! You can find Moofestgirl & Talty’s weekly Polymer Clay feature on DeviantArt here and ByTheBaySoap’s Candy Cane Treasury here! This is rather late but thank you, Whitefrosty, for featuring my Green Macaron Earrings in her blog entry here in October!

Another giveaway has arisen, this time by the Drunk Crab Club that focuses on discussing health and healing. The DCC is using Twine Birds’ jewellery as the prize! They are still fairly new so please visit them and enter into their giveaway. It is very simple to enter; either join the club (there is no membership fee) by clicking here or simply liking the Facebook page here! If you do both, that will be considered two ballots. The draw end in Feb, 2011 so there is plenty of time to tell family and friends! If you would like more details, click here. Good luck!


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