Can you guess?

Can you figure out what this is? It is an idea I have to reward my customers! Tell me what you think of it! Find out  what it is after the cut!

Yesterday I was sitting on the bus and an epiphany came to me. What always grabs my attention? Free cookies! I can’t explain why, but I can never say no to cookies, more less them being free. So I thought, why don’t I bring the concept to clay?

I will start making cookie earrings, these will be sold but also will also be given out as gifts if customers spend after certain price range.  I was also considering that I would swap these out every (few) months so they become something you can collect. The idea is in the early phases but I would love to have your feedback! Who knows, good suggestions may get a free treat! :)

I can make a wide variety of cookies and customers can get a free cookie by either purchasing products from TwineBirds up to (insert number to be finalized). I would provide a jump ring or a hook so you can use this on various things! 

NOTE: The cookie below is purely an example. I don’t have any new cookies lying around so I figured I would use an old one.


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