Bird Review – Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ : Let’s make Obentou!

As mentioned earlier, I will start doing reviews of fun things or books that I find. Today is Kracie’s Popin’ Cookin’, Let’s make Obentou (bento)! The concept behind Popin’ Cookin’ is to put various powders into a tray (which is provided) and just add water! There are many kits with different themes such as cupcakes, sushi and donuts. I should also note that this is edible candy after it sets.

I first learned about Popin’ Cookin’ from RRcherrypie who posts videos of himself making DIY (Do It Yourself) kits he bought and other miniature collections. He also made this kit and you can find the video here. I can’t explain why, but something about the videos makes them very addicting to watch.

There are five things to make in the bento kit: broccoli, fried eggs, octopus hot dog, onigiri and napolitan pasta! My overall impression was that it was fairly simple to make and extremely fun. I was expecting the candy to smell horrible, but as I was mixing, they smelled surprisingly good which I was happy about.

As for taste, there wasn’t anything that tasted bad. The broccoli tasted like green apple but apparently the box said something different. The napolitan pasta and fried eggs were grape; the octopus hot dog was strawberry and the onigiri was yogurt. I enjoyed the broccoli & ocotpus hot dog the most. The best part was piping out the napolitan pasta and sticking hardy candies onto the final products.

The only place I really had issues was making the seaweed for the onigiri. You first make the rice using the power and mixing it with water. But for the seaweed, you pour black powder into slots of the tray and press the ‘rice’ into it so it stamps out the shape of the panda face and strip of seaweed. Since no water was added to it, the powder got everywhere. It also became sticky as it got wet due to the ‘rice’. I actually had to redo the ‘seaweed’ as it started to melt off.

It took me around an hour to make. I think it took me longer then required because I was also taking pictures at the same time. One word of advice is that the mixture does set fairly quickly which is something I learned the hard way. Once you add in the water, start mixing. I think there were parts like the rice, that didn’t shape well, or the napolitan that was grainy when you ate it.

Lastly, I would like to thank my friend, Jessica! She saw my sneak peek post of my review and asked if I needed help with translating the instructions so I jumped at the chance. I’m very glad she did as I would have done a few things wrong. I’ve included her translations with little notes from myself over here. Enjoy!


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