New Look & Direction for the Blog!

As you may have noticed when you clicked the link today is that the blog has been revamped! This, as well as school is why I haven’t post yet this week. The website is generally up and running but there are a few tweaks I still need to make. Aside from updating the look for the blog to make it more dynamic, I also want  to also grow the content of the blog. Moving away from posting purely only about Twine Birds items, events or updates to more of an open space where I post things that may interests you, the reader, as well.

Here are some ideas in no particular order:

  • Recipes
  • Book reviews
  • Featuring/interviewing local artists?
  • Etsy Treasuries
  • Clay Tips
  • Going through a list of potential blog topics, example

One that I may get is “clay tutorials,” and the reason I shy away from listing it because I feel like I’m still learning and every project are testing ground. Therefore, I’m in no position to each others yet. That being said, if I come across interesting tips that helped me, I would love to share those! Aside from that, if you can think of anything else, please tell me!

As an incentive, if you leave me either suggestions or expand on one of the suggestions above, I will give you an additional entry toward my 100 like giveaway! We’re 20 people away! Check the drop down menu for more info and tell your friends!

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