Jack-O-Lantern Earrings & Necklaces as well as Discounts!

This will be a jam-packed post! The first thing I’m introducing is my new Halloween earrings and necklaces! They are based off a custom order I got and they inspired me to make more! I currently don’t have the listing up as I’m still taking pictures but for now, (another) sneak peek! I will update this post when I have the listing up and post on Facebook/Twitter.

Edit: The earrings and necklaces are now listed!

These will be my seasonal exclusive item and will only be on sale till Sunday, Oct 23, 2011. That leaves five business days to ship if you buy on Oct 23, so if you know it will take longer, order them earlier!

In celebration of the Halloween, I am also giving 15% off the entire purchases at my Etsy shop. The code is “HAPPYHALLOWEEN2011” If you are unsure of how to use it, please check out this link

Happy Halloween!

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