Monday Memos – July 11 – 17th & Wednesday Walnut – Lollipops!

I haven’t been feeling on top of my game for the last couple of days which is why all my blog posts have been delayed! Since only two main events happened last week I am combining the Monday Memo and Wednesday Walnut. I am currently finishing up my Esty orders so if you have ordered something from me, I will be shipping them out either this Friday or more likely Sunday.

  • I made three new necklaces (pink and white chocolate donuts and lollipop necklace) as well as one new pair of lollipop earrings! The colours of the lollipop were a challenge set for me by Tiikay on my Facebook page. They were very fun to make!
  • I was a vendor at Paint-A-Thon, I’ve written a recap of the event already, here. For those who aren’t familiar, Paint-A-Thon was the sister event to Night It Up which happened at the Markham Civic Center. Thank you again for the help Elissa and Lexy and I’m so glad to have met other vendors!

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