Paint-A-Thon ’11 Recap

Paint-A-Thon was a very unique event donating a very good cause that I support as well, Free The Children. The idea of the event is similar to that of a marathon but rather than running, people paint to fundraise. My booth was located right across of three teams painting so it was very exciting to see progress of the paintings throughout the day. I pledged to donate 50 cents of every item purchased that day to Free the Children. It was my own little way of donating to a good cause so thank you to everyone who bought from me!

I had two helpers today rather than one! Thanks a lot to Elissa and Lexy! Some may know Lexy as the Dancing (Ness) Robot! I was very lucky that we were given tents! I had no idea it could get so hot! I need to think of something for Big on Bloor next week or I’m afraid I won’t make it through the day!

While there were only a few vendors at this event, I was able to meet (and re-meet) some amazing people! Please check them all out! Here is a few of the people I met! I know there are more but I can’t seem to find their cards!

  • My Feather Band: Amanda makes very lovely intricate items based around feathers!
  • Bebbers: I actually met Bebbers at Parkdale Bazaar in June so I was very excited to see them again! They make a large variety of things such as cards and buttons! Very cute
  • Menace Creations: She has a large assortment of earrings and, necklaces and cards. I especially like the items with the sea glass!
  • Ever & Bliss: She makes adorable pushpins, jewelry and other things all using very pretty fabrics!

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