Monday Memos – June 20th – June 26th

I’m very sorry I missed Walnut Wednesday and Friday Favourites, I was busy working on my inventory for Parkdale Bazaar! I will have them both up this week!

  • I spent the week updating my inventory, I now have my more popular colour cupcakes up to date and  donuts as well!
  • I went to my first Parkdale Bazaar outdoor craft fair. It sadly rained a bit which I think affected the outcome of the people who came out but it was still a very fun experience and I can’t wait to go back in August! Thanks for the help Danni!
  • I also have a new draw, the prize is customized pair of earrings and the deadline is July 10, 2011. Please check the side bar for more info
  • I officially sealed the deal with my first wholesale! TwineBirds will be sold at Atomic Cupcakes in Waterdown, ON starting Aug 2011! How fun! I will post more info later as the shop is still being renovated.

Now all items shipped will be wrapped up as well. :)

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