Monday Memos – June 13th – June 19th

This week was a busy week for me on a personal note as I had my convocation as well as had a mild sinus infection but I’m a trooper! I still managed to make things pan out for Twine Birds

June 13th – June 19th

  • I’m prepping for my event this Saturday (June 25th) at the Parkdale Bazaar! it is located at Queen and Cowan Ave. and Parkdale Town Square and runs from 11 am to 5 pm! Please come visit me if you can!
  • I entered a cake contest last week. It would greatly help me if you voted. Voting has now ended, it was very close but I sadly didn’t make it into the semi finals. I’ll have to try harder next time!
  • I am slowly making my shift toward donuts, I’ve made my first set already and hopefully by Wednesday I’ll have made another set! I’ve made Chocolate sprinkle, a pink, blue and purple sprinkle and a blue with a white stripe, these ones are all vanilla based.
  • Mid-week, I went downtown to get some jewelry supplies and give my donation to the D.A.D Project! I was able to meet Serena, who is one of the sisters behind the project. The project is for a lovely cause. I’ve written about it earlier, but please feel free to check out their site as they explain it much better. I’ve donated a pair of my blue cupcake earrings with purple flower. It was sold extremely quickly which we both were very happy about.
  • For awhile I’ve been looking for small items and glitter to decorate my items and I’ve finally found them! The first being German Glass Glitter! I was able to find some here. This is exactly what I need and the seller, Kimberly, was also extremely helpful. I also managed to pick up some microbeads which I’ve used to decorate my donuts!

My new donuts in work in progress on my new tray! I couldn’t find nice fabric to display my work for my booths but this works just as well! :)

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