Anime North ’11 Report

I want to first thank everyone who dropped by, talked to me and most of all bought items from me! Thank you! This was my first con using the name Twine Birds. I have sold before at AN and CON-G but I am starting new and retired my all old work.

I hope that in the future and at my next convention or fair that I will have much more to offer! I think I gained a lot from this convention, it was a real eye opener what colours and designs people end up liking the most. A highlight of the con for me when I saw someone wearing my pink flower cupcake earrings they bought the day before! I was very flattered! Also, please feel free to give me suggestions and inputs on what you would like to see in the future! I’m always up for new ideas and suggestions.

Like I mentioned in my post from Friday, I am still holding my draw. Please check the side bar for more info. The deadline is June 10, 2011 and the prize is a pair of customized earrings. It is really exciting holding draws so I think I will hold more in the future!

Picture of my table, thanks everyone who visited!


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