[Blogger] (New) Game Plan!

When I originally came up with my game plan, I didn’t factor in some things such as my name would be ‘Twine Birds’ and I currently don’t have a lot of content unless I move stuff from my old account. Also, I didn’t think it would be so confusing to try to learn so many new social networking sites at once.

That being said, having real life commitments has slowed down my progress of making new clay items. I’m currently also working on trying to come up with a business plan. So, until I figure that out, I am putting a bit of a delay on this. I want to make sure that when I start, I have a clear idea of how much each item will cost me and make items that people will want to buy. I still have a nice small box filled of clay things that didn’t get sold the first time around and I want to avoid that again if I can.

I will start making samples and post them on my DeviantArt page to test things out because I never had a chance to do that in the past as I only made items before conventions. My goal is to come up with a new “item” every week and post them every Monday. I think I will also post interesting finds, based on a theme, every week, maybe on Wednesday or Friday.

Wish me luck and I want to thank everyone who has watched, followed or liked Twine Birds!


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